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University of North Texas Software Webstore

University of North Texas Software Webstore

The UNT Software webstore offers a wide range of software for academic use. The information below applies to an Adobe Creative Cloud offer available exclusively to students currently enrolled at the UNT Denton and Frisco Campuses. Subscriptions and licenses for all other software application(s) available through this webstore are provided Kivuto (OntheHub) and not the University of North Texas unless otherwise indicated.

Adobe Creative Cloud at UNT

Adobe Creative Cloud for UNT Employees

  • Full-time employees, and instructors of record, receive a subscription as part of their employment.
  • Part-time employees who require the Adobe Creative Cloud for their job duties should contact their department regarding access.

Subscriptions through this webstore are not available to employees.

Employees can visit this UNT website for more information on the availabilty of Adobe Creative Cloud for faculty and staff.

Adobe Creative Cloud for UNT Students

  • Students only have access to the Adobe Creative Cloud applications while they are working physically on campus in one of our computer labs or classrooms. This is granted through a shared device license and there are some limitations: only the applications are available, online features are not available (this includes Adobe fonts), and home-use and remote access to the applications is not available.

Students can visit our website for an Adobe Creative Cloud Subscriptions Tutorial. There you will find information on logging in using your UNT student email address and additional information on using your subscription.

Students who wish to use the Adobe Creative Cloud applications on a UNT checkout laptop, the UNT Online Computer Lab, or on their own personal device will need to purchase a subscription through this web store. The price is $55.55 per academic year. Please read the materials below carefully before purchasing a subscription.

Adobe Creative Cloud Student Subscriptions | Special Terms and Conditions

Please review the information below before purchasing the Adobe Creative Cloud for UNT Students Subscription available through this webstore.

If you purchased a subscription during the previous Academic Year: You will need to wait until September 1st before you will be able to renew as the official expiration date of that subscription is August 31st and the webstore will not allow you to purchase a new subscription while you have an active subscription. We have added a two week grace period, until September 14th, while your subscription will remain active to avoid any disruption to your access.

If this is your first time buying a subscription through our program - you may purchase a subscription for the upcoming academic year beginning on August 15th. See the Special Terms and Conditions below regarding educational institution subscriptions: the subscription will remain active for the academic year in which it was purchased as long as you remain actively enrolled. If you are enrolled during the spring semester, your access will continue through the summer. All educational institutions subscriptions are valid through August 31st, regardless of the date of purchase.

The subscriptions available through this offer are educational institution licenses:

This is not a standard annual subscription; it is an academic year subscription. Regardless of when you purchase the subscription during the current academic year, the subscription will expire at the end of the academic year for which it was purchased (August 31st) as long as you remain actively enrolled at UNT.

If you withdraw from UNT at any time before the end of the spring semester, your subscription will be deactivated. If you purchase a subscription during the fall semester, you must enroll in at least one course at UNT in the spring semester for your subscription to remain active or your subscription will be terminated on or after the 12th class day of the semester. You are not required to be enrolled in a summer course at UNT for the subscription to remain active during the summer.

We are not able to offer a refund if you leave UNT before the end of the academic year for any reason.

When you graduate or leave UNT you may offboard this account to Adobe. After offboarding, your files will be transferred to a free Adobe-hosted personal account. Personal accounts are not eligible for any UNT-negotiated discounts so your subscription will end at that time. While the personal Adobe accounts are free, you must purchase a subscription in order to continue to use the applications. If you are leaving UNT and are not ready to start a new subscription with Adobe right away, you can still offboard to preserve your files in the cloud. For more information, please see the Adobe help page on Student Asset Migration.

Frequently Asked Questions

After I purchase, when does my subscription begin? Do I need to wait for an activation or confirmation email?

Generally you account is activated on the same day as you make your purchase but it may take up to two days for the account to be activated. If after two days you are not able to login to the account, please contact us at adobe@unt.edu and please provide your order # and the date of your purchase. No, there is not an activation email sent but you may receive a welcome email from Adobe.

How do I use my new subscription? How do I log into Adobe Creative Cloud using this subsciption?

You will need to login with your UNT email address and specify that it is a Company or School Account. A full tutorial is available on our UNT website.

I am currently paying Adobe for a monthly subscription, which is much more expensive even at their educational price, to Adobe Creative Cloud. Can I change my subscription?

Once you purchase a subscription through our program (it is 75% off of the cost of an educational subscription purchased directly through Adobe) you will have 14 days to contact Adobe and opt-out of any existing agreement without any further obligation. This is explicitly written into our agreement with Adobe. This is not an account transfer; you will get a new account. You will want to back up your files in the Adobe Cloud before cancelling and copy them to the Adobe Cloud in your new account. For information on contacting Adobe to cancel, you can look here.

For more information, please visit our UNT website. You may also contact us by email at adobe@unt.edu.