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We have received feedback that not all users are receiving the notification that their account is active after purchasing the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. It is likely due to junk mail/spam filters. Accounts are created immediately after purchase under most circumstances. After purchase, try to login after about 30 minutes regardless of whether you have received the account activation notification.

Eligibility Notice:

Many of the software offers in this webstore are available to all UNT students regardless of the campus they attend. However, some offers are restricted to only UNT students currently attending the Denton and Frisco campuses. This is due to the fact that these agreements were entered into by the campuses rather than the UNT System. All software offers made available through a UNT System agreement are available from this webstore as well.

When you sign-in (button at the top right corner of the screen or by clicking the Start Shopping button at the bottom of the screen) your eligibility will be verified.

The offer that most likely brought you here is the new Adobe Creative Cloud for Students program where you can purchase a personal subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud for $55.55. This is a full subscription that includes all Adobe Creative Cloud applications for personal computers (Mac or Windows) and mobile devices as well as other services available by logging into the Adobe website. Please read the notices below before purchasing, additional terms and conditions apply.

Subscriptions are limited.

IMPORTANT NOTICES: Adobe Creative Cloud

Before purchasing the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription available here, please be aware of the following:

After you have purchased a subscription, you will login by using your UNT student email address:@my.unt.edu. Since these are educational institution subscriptions you will not be able to change the email address associated with the subscriptions. When you sign-in, you will be prompted to specify if this is a "Personal" or "Company or School Account": You must select "Company or School Account" in order to sign-in.

If you have a current subscription with Adobe with a recurring monthly charge, you may opt out of that subscription without an early termination penalty or further obligation. This applies to cases where you may still have several months left on your current subscription. In order to opt-out of an existing agreement you must purchase a subscription through our offer and then contact Adobe directly within 14 days in order to opt-out. See below for the information on how to contact Adobe on this matter.

It is not possible to transfer this offer to an existing subscription. However, you are eligible to opt out of any existing one after you have purchased this one.

As these are educational institution subscriptions, you must remain enrolled in order to maintain access to the subscription. If you leave UNT before the end of the Spring semester, your subscription will end at that time rather than on August 31st.

When you leave UNT, upon graduation or for whatever reason, you will be able to transfer your account to an Adobe personal subscription at that time. You will be able to change the email address at anytime after it has been transferred. Upon leaving UNT you will not be eligible for the pricing available through this offer. Please see the website Adobe has setup to to assist students in transferring their accounts for more information.

Please read the product description within the webstore carefully before purchasing, other terms and conditions apply. See the Adobe Terms of Agreement for additional information.

Adobe Customer Care:

Phone: 1-800-833-6687
Online Chat with Adobe Customer Care.

For any other assistance, you may contact us atuntadobe@unt.edu